Day 11 / Luang Prabang, Laos

Day 11

We have slept through our alarm!

is not the sentence you want to wake up to, but we quickly jumped out of bed because today we are going to Kuang Si waterfalls.

When breakfast is included at your hotel however, you have to eat, so we quickly got ready and ate a massive plate each.

Mong, our minibus driver picked us up from our hotel and it was a short 1 hour journey to the waterfalls. He mentioned that his competition likes to take down his posters because he is too cheap, but he is trying to be simply fair to everyone.

Cheapest transfers in Laos, guaranteed!

The falls are amazing, but I will let the pictures speak for themselves…

There is a moon bear sanctuary by the falls, moon bears are endangered because poachers keep them in captivity for the bile, which is used as a medicine.

It is worth taking the hike up to the top of the waterfalls, the views are unbelievable

On our way back from the falls we stopped at a water buffalo farm, ran by an Australian couple, who, by their own admission, got tired of their corporate lives and as a mid life crisis came to Laos to open a farm! They are very socially and environmentally responsible and have amazing ice cream, such as lemongrass, black sesame, coffee, coconut etc.

Black sesame water buffalo ice cream, yum

We shared the minibus with two German girls, both 18 years old, on a 2 month trip of South East Asia. They are going back to uni this October, but before that, they are travelling the world, we thought that was brilliant! It’s amazing, the kind of people we meet on our journeys, love it. They recommended to go to Joma bakery for some carrot cake, oh my god, it was divine. The cream was so tasty, must be the full fat buffalo milk.

In the evening we had a traditional Lao Bbq called Sin Dat. It’s an amazing experience, they serve you the vegetables and meat raw and you cook it on a special bbq at your table. You use the bacon fat first and smear it on the bbq, place the meats in the middle and pour hot water around the side, where you can out your vegetables. Loved it, great flavours and a great time to cook together.

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