Day 34 / Nusa Ceningan, Bali

Day 34

Ohh my, I woke up with so much energy today, went for a 3k run in the morning, the locals were laughing at me, what is this crazy white boy doing… While running, I have found an awesome little spot to see the Blue Lagoon.

After I got back to our beach hut, I couldn’t wait to wake up Evie and show her how cool his little island looks. We had a quick breakfast and after a swim in the pool I went for another walk, now towards the main street. I quickly realised that we will have to rent a scooter here if we want to get around.

Our resort offers scooters for 80k rupiah per day, about £4.5, very reasonable, haha! Evie wanted to chill by the pool but I kept nagging her and we went to explore the island.

We have gone a full circle, it was at times challenging with the scooter, very bad roads, dirt roads, and super steep, our little machine was struggling at times.

On our way, we have found a place offering a snorkeling tour, after a brief WhatsApp exchange, we have booked it for tomorrow morning!

In the evening, we had to find a way to get some cash out, the nearest atm however, is on the other island, in Nusa Lembongan. After watching the sunset at our resort, we hopped back on the bike and crossed the yellow bridge to find the atm. To my surprise the atm didn’t charge any extra money for a withdrawal, some money saved there haha.

Our dinner was at a local spot, small place with decent food, not blown away, but can’t complain either. Good news is Evie found her favourite drink, an indonesian honeydew melon juice!

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