Day 32 / Ubud, Bali

Day 32

Ubud, here we go again!

I really wanted to go cycling today, thought Ubud would be great to explore on a bike. This is however proved extremely difficult! We looked everywhere, but we could have only rented some really bad quality bikes, we could not find a single place to rent some decent mtbs from…

Well, let’s move on, first, we have visited the Saraswati temple, in the centre of Ubud, a lovely place of worship with a big lotus pond.

Next on our agenda was a hike, the Campuhan ridge walk, I would highly recommend it, the views were gorgeous.

We have spent the early afternoon shopping, bought some presents for our families back home.

In the evening, we went to a small bar, bought a bottle of balinese white wine and played UNO. I really enjoy the wine from Bali, it’s quite sweet but still a bit acidic.

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