Day 30-31 / Ubud, Bali

Day 30

Checking out today from the hotel, went smoothly, to be fair.

We have about 16 hours of travel ahead of us.

Step 1
Get to Siem Reap Airport

Step 2
Fly to Kuala Lumpur

Step 3
Transfer at Kuala Lumpur and wait 4 hours

Step 4
Fly to Bali

Step 5
Get to Ubud, about one and a half hours from the airport

Only complication we had was at Bali airport, all the atms were broken, so we had no rupiahs to spend, and needed about 300,000 to get to Ubud…

Luckily still had about 47 dollars, I have exchanged them and this way we had enough cash to get to our hotel.

Ubud is quite far, the traffic in Bali is so busy, so it took almost 2 hours in a taxi, as it was too late for any shuttle bus/public transport options.

The courtyard of our Homestay

We walked around Ubud in the evening, beautiful place, sooo many tourists, crazy. It immediately felt cold, too, only 24 degrees in the evening, we might have to use our long sleeve cardigans, haha.

Day 31

Woke up quite early, ready for our first full day in Bali.

Had a superb breakfast at the hotel, with balinese coffee, loved the food, the coffee was super sweet.

We walked through the market, Evie got a pistachio ice cream, finally, she said now the holiday can start… 🙂

The market is more upscale, good quality items, however Bali is much more expensive than any of the countries we have visited, we will spend about 5 times more here…

Our next stop was the Monkey Forest, such a cool place where you can be extremely close to the animals, touch them as well. Careful, they are cheeky monkeys, steal everything and scratch you easily.

Our lunch was at a local charity, that has a kitchen as well, however all proceeds go to a good cause. The food was one of the best I had on this trip! I was blown away by the quality.

In the evening we went to the Palace to watch a traditional balinese dance, about romance, gods, giants, it was so beautiful, we have enjoyed every second.

Dinner was something to forget, a small local place offering food at very cheap prices, sadly the quality was lacking.

One thought on “Day 30-31 / Ubud, Bali

  1. Wow, that’s a hell of a journey. You’d think it would be quick and easy, like zipping around Europe on a discount carrier.

    I always say to get the currency you want before you go, and some bloggers have disagreed with me, saying it’s easiest to just change money at the airport, but your post vindicates me!! Also, your isn’t the first I’ve read in which airport ATMs have been broken.

    My travel medicine doctor said don’t touch the monkeys (or dogs or cats) in SE Asia. Did you get your rabies shots? We didn’t because they are $500 each and you need 3 of them, so we’re just going to refrain from touching those animals, even though not petting a sweet cat or dog will be hard.


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