About Us

Central Park, New York on a freezing day in January

Hello, we are Evie and Marton, welcome to our travel blog!

Where to start… I guess at the very beginning, a few years ago, when we met each other in Bristol, UK and fell in love. Maybe last year, when we got engaged. Or before that, many years ago when Evie was growing up in Lithuania and I was in Hungary.

It does not really matter, what matters is that now we are here, excited and with big plans to travel the world. We have been to many vacations and seen most of the countries in Europe, been to North and South America, but never to Asia! It was therefore an easy decision to start our backpacking journey with a classic – South East Asia.

We did not plan much, made a decision, thinking we should not do it, it is not the responsible thing to do, fearing the future, wasted money, bla bla bla… At the end of the day however, the decision was made and I stayed up one night until 4am booking flights for 8 hours straight while Evie was binge watching – and falling asleep to her favourite TV show, Friends.

The journey begins on the 27th of May 2019 – we hope that you follow our story we are so excited to share.