Day 25 / Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Day 25

We woke up at 4am today, because we are going to watch the sunrise at Angkor Wat.

The place is absolutely gorgeous, we have done the small circuit, loved it. The price is a bit shocking, 37 dollars each just for entry and about 20 dollars in total for the tuk tuk for the day

The temples are so impressive, though, they tell the stories of hundreds of years of the local culture. Initially a Hindu temple, converted in the sixteen hundreds to Buddhist, it gives you an idea of how massive the Khmer empire must have been.

We took over 700 pictures that day, so it is impossible to show it all in this post.

The tour was extremely tiring, a lot of walking and the heat is crazy, 38 degrees, so when we got home in the afternoon, we went to sleep.

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