What to pack for a backpacking trip to Asia

Take this post with a pinch of salt initially – given that we have not left yet – the below is based on our research and not our experiences, I will update it after the trip and see if we got it right (or completely wrong…)

South East Asia is generally hot throughout the year; however, it can get very wet during monsoon season. Funny thing is, some of the countries we visit will be during the wet season, some of the will be during the dry. Our trip will also be for 42 days, visiting many countries and travelling a lot, therefore we had to remain mobile and not carry a huge weight.

First thing to sort – backpacks. I was thinking for long about what capacity of the bags should be, didn’t want them to be too big, but either too small so we can not carry enough stuff and buy any presents along the way.

Backpacks we ended up buying

Berghaus Men’s Trailhead Outdoor Rucksack, Black/Carbon, 65 LitresMountain Warehouse Ventura 40L Rucksack

I will let you know how they fared after the trip, they are looking good so far! Now that we have backpacks, what should we fill them up with?


T Shirt x 5T Shirt x 2
Tank top x 2Tank top/Crop top x 5
Gym T shirt x 1Active T shirt x 1
Long sleeve T shirt x 1Long sleeve T shirt x 1
Swimming shorts x 1Bikinis x 2
Travel shorts x 3Active shorts x 1
Underwear x 7Travel shorts x 2
Socks x 3Socks x 3
Rain jacket x 1Rain jacket x 1
Long trousers x 1Leggings x 1
Running shoes x 1Running shoes x 1
Flip flops x 1 Flip Flops x 1
Baseball cap x 1Hat x 1
Bras x 2
Sports bras x 2
Long dress x 1
Short dress x 3
Underwear x 7

Other Important stuff

  • Worldwide Travel Adapter
  • Money belt
  • Jungle Formula insect repellent
  • After bite cream
  • Sunblock
  • Deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo etc.
  • First Aid kit
  • Power Bank
  • 8 passport sized photos for Visas on arrival
  • Padlocks
  • Travel bottle
  • Multi tool
  • Flashlight
  • Tape
  • Towel
  • USB stick

I will also carry two phones, because I will be buying a new Sim card in every country at the airport.

And of course your laptop, phones, electronics you use on a daily basis. Did I leave anything out? I guess we will find out on our trip haha! I will make sure to update the post as we gain our experiences on the road.