Day 10 / Luang Prabang, Laos

Day 10

Best way to start the day is with a yummy breakfast, and this is exactly what we did!

Our breakfast

We then moved a whole 10 metres to our pool, it looked like it’s going to be a busy day… We started chatting to another hotel guest, he is from Finland, and travelling Asia for a month, he gave us some advice on Cambodia and the location of some markets worth checking out here, in Luang Prabang.

Snake and scorpion whiskey. Tastes good but so spicy!

Our hotel comes with free cycle hire, so we picked up a couple and started cycling around the two rivers. Cycling is definitely a great way to get around here.

The sunset from Mount Phou Si is famously beautiful, so we climbed up the over 320 steps and took in the wonderful views.

The viewing platform on Mount Phou Si

We could not just end the day without trying some more street food, the beef jerky you can get here is one of my favourites!

Traditional Lao sausages, too sweet for me but Evie liked them!
When in Laos, due to their French colonial days, you can come across a lot of French dishes. This baguette was delicious

2 thoughts on “Day 10 / Luang Prabang, Laos

  1. It was interesting to see that the top of Mount Phou Si didn’t look too crowded. I’ve read several bloggers’ posts about how jam-packed it can be. Perhaps it’s the time of year you went? I think we’re going to be there in high tourist season so it might be different then. We like to rise really early and run, so our plan is to at least go up there for sunrise, although we’ll probably give sunset a shot, too. Enjoying reading about your travels!


    1. Thanks for your kind words. We are definitely in the low season, after a few days we recognised the same faces everywhere in Luang Prabang haha and know them by name! Sunrise could be a better idea, do the alms giving ceremony in the morning around 5.30am and straight after climb Mount Phou Si! We are really bad at waking up early, but we will participate in the alms giving in a couple of days.

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