Day 4-5 / Khao Sok, Thailand

Day 4

Woke up around 6am, the train was running a bit late, so had more time to get ready. Had a not so glamorous shower on the train, it was more of a quick wash in a sink but we felt much better after. Around 7.30 am we arrived at Surat Thani and was immediately greeted by a Thai guide asking if we need tickets to Khao Sok. The minibus was 300 baht including a drop off to our hotel, which seemed very reasonable. Had to wait about an hour for it at the side of the road in a small “cafe”, I had an iced coffee, which was absolutely amazing and Evie had a rice soup with fish, it was also delicious.

While we were waiting, kids from a local school came over and started reading questions in English, it was part of their English education! 🙂
It was very cute, they asked where we are from and what do we like about Thailand the most.

We then jumped into the minibus and took about a 2 hour journey to our hut in the jungle. They welcomed us at Our Jungle House with a cold tea and warned us of the monkeys, always close the door or they can steal your clothes!

We got a hand drawn map as a guide for the area, the whole experience was simply amazing.

Our jungle hut
You can go for a swim in a river next to our hut

We had dinner in the evening, the local dishes were awesome, but so spicy! I struggled at first, but of course finished it all.

Day 5

Today, we took a day trip to Cheow Lan, a lake with a thousand islands.

On our way we have seen a truck with some monkeys in the back, our guide, Pho, said that these monkeys are trained to collect coconuts from the trees, so they were basically commuting to work that morning. Well, someone’s gotta work, right…

The entrance of the lake is by a dam, and you have to pay 300 baht each. There is a shop at a small dock by the water, where we boarded the longboat.

Our journey was an hour long, the lake is simply stunning…

We decided to go for a jungle hike before swimming, at to the other end of the lake, and trekked through the jungle to the Coral Cave.

Beware of wild elephants!

After the hike, we were so hot and sweaty, couldn’t wait to just jump in to the water.

On our way back our longboat’s engine gave up, giving us a bit of a scare, being stranded in the middle of the lake! Shortly however, another boat came and towed us back to the docks, and we were saved.

Best way to finish the day, is with some cocktails in the jungle, and that is exactly what we did!

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