Our Itinerary – Thailand

I am writing this merely two weeks before departure and I have to say it is freaking me out! There is excitement of course, but also some nerves, going into the unknown.

So, where are we going?

Our journey begins in Thailand, in Bangkok to be precise. We will spend a couple of days in the big city, sampling the culture and of course the food on offer!

The Grand Palace in Bangkok

We will then take an overnight train to Surat Thani and a bus to Khao Sok, a beautiful national park, where we will stay in a hut in the middle of the jungle

Our home for a couple of nights in Khao Sok

Lastly, we will spend a few days on the beach in Phuket. We chose Patong beach, so we can do some surfing and water sports.

The beach in Phuket

The trip then continues to Laos, click here to follow us!

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